Over the years the company has expanded its product portfolio tremendously by manufacturing horizontal flow wrap packing machines in the name of V.K.ENGINEERING AND COMPANY for solid shaped products like cake, appalam, biscuits, rusks, electrical items, bandage rolls, etc. We have now stepped to mile stone with the customers support and their requirements for the manufacturing of Vertical free flow of products packing machine in the name of DEEPIKA ENGINEERING AND COMPANY* With 14 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting high quality products to leading brands across countries, the company has set a benchmark for quality and creativity.

Through constant innovation and new product development offers consumers worldwide with design-driven, high quality products that are up to date with the latest trends. we have worked hard to get to where we are today and have had to embrace every opportunity that has come our way. Luckily, a combination of passion, grit and determination signifies that EXCELL PACKS business andit’scredibilityhas not only grown, it has truly flourished in Indian market.

Being Innovative

We are devoted to innovation. We look forward to raise our focus on novelty in products, technologies, organizational structure, and accomplishments. We are also committed to bring about changes in the organizational culture so as to enable us to meet the emerging challenges of the industry

Being Advanced

We are responsive to the volatile business environment dynamics. The proceedings of the organization are and will be always directed towards bringing about the variations that are and would be required in the near future.

Being Authentic

We wish to be seen as an organisation that our Customers and our Society at large, can always count upon, that is, whatever or however we do or make, adheres to strict International laws and standards,

Being Global

We are an organization with our footprints in more than 32 countries, spread across 4 continents, but here we believe, it's not enough to pander our vanity, we wish to broaden our horizons as well as our reach, as we look forward to spread the essence of our invaluable products to each nook and cranny of the globe.

Being The Preffered Supplier

We have been the frontrunners in manufacturing of high quality Home Fragrance and Home Decoration products for close to three decades now. With a coveted clientèle of Big Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Retail Giants, we wish to continue with our success story and sustain the title of being known as the 'Preferred Ones' in this industry.